Disabled Vehicle Accessibility

All taxi drivers are licensed, regulated and assessed by Inverclyde Council to ensure they are able to provide the best possible taxi service for disabled people.

All taxi drivers will assist with wheelchair access and will ensure that wheelchairs are properly and safely secured before setting off, and will also assist passengers to disembark at the other end.

Taxi drivers will also endeavour to help people with moderate walking difficulties, as well as those with impaired vision or hearing.


Our wheelchair accessible vehicles are capable of accommodating passengers with a range of special needs. Wheelchair ramps are fitted as standard in our adapted taxis, folding down for use and providing a dignified entry for wheelchair users. And once inside the taxi, with the assistance of the taxi driver, wheelchair restraint straps ensure that the chair is held firmly in place throughout the journey.

Movement inside the passenger compartment is made easier thanks to easy-grip grab handles which are highlighted, along with seat edging, in colour-contrast material to help people with impaired vision.

For hearing-aid users, an induction loop is incorporated in the intercom system of all accessible taxis.

Please contact our staff to arrange your safe transportation on +44 (0)1475 734563 to book a wheelchair accessible taxi. If you have any special requirements, please highlight these when booking so we can do everything possible to make sure you have a safe and comfortable journey.